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Finance & Payments


Create estimates for clients prior to invoicing. Generate estimates linked to projects or products. Quickly turn an estimate into an invoice with one click.


Invoice your clients directly either standalone, recurring, ad-hoc or as part of a project. Bill across multiple tax regions, offer discounts and select products to seamlessly create an invoice.


Allow your clients to pay you however they want. Offline bank transfer, out of the box PayPal or Stripe methods. You can even provide them a secure payment link to view their invoice.


Add a credit note to your clients account if over billed or credit their account for later invoicing.


Manage Employee and project expenses for reimbursement. Handle the expenses process from submission through to approval and payment easily

Financial Management

Human Resources

 Employee Management

Full employee management including; Job role, billing rate, start date, personal address details, social user details, designation and department, skills based management and more.

 Department Management

Create and manage departments, add employees into department designations.

 Attendance & Time

Manage Employee attendance and time, overall reporting for department and individuals showing productivity, time billed, annual leave etc. Allow employees to clock in and out.

 Annual Leave

Employees can book annual leave, managers can approve or deny. Reporting allow you to keep track of approved leave and pending requests.

 Public & Business Holidays

Add in public holiday or business holidays and closure days to manage attendance and client work more effectively.

People Management

Customer Relationship Management

 Client Management

Manage your clients, record all of their contacts and details down to their social media handles. Create custom fields to store more bespoke data relevant to your business. Assign clients to projects and give them access to the client portal.

 Client Contracts

Manage one-off or recurring contracts, tag these to clients and use digital signatures for approval to keep the process paperless.

 Event Management

Manage events for clients and prospects, register attendees with ease and simplicity.

 GDPR Compliance

FirstPro Work is built with GDPR Compliance in mind. Right to Data Portability, Right to be Informed, Right to Erasure, Right of Access and Consent.

 Website Form Capture (coming soon)

Create bespoke forms to capture leads and opportunities on your website (via a simple HTML snippet). Then customise a workflow to notify your employees to immediately action.


Client Management

Work Management

 Project Management

Fully features project management module. Track projects, budgets, clients and contracts, Gantt chart for internal use, publish a public Gantt chart for clients to track, burn down rate, time tracker, attach files, invoices all in one dashboard.

 Project Contracts

Run projects under linked contracts to ensure you are delivering to budget and invoicing the client as per the contract terms.

 Task Management

Manage project based tasks and milestones or handle simple admin based tasks. Assign these to individuals, multiple employees, clients or even whole teams.

 Team Management

Setup teams to work on specific client projects and manage them within, allow them to put time billing against projects.

 Kanban Board & Calendar

Using the Agile project methodology to manage your sprints via an integrated Kanban board per project. Also take a look at the project calendar to see when milestones and tasks are due by, edit them straight from this view also.

Project Management

Packed Full of Features

It doesn't stop there. You have granular control over every single aspect of FirstPro Work. You have unlimited possibilities to customise to fit how you work. 


You are free to customise your instance of FirstPro Work as much as possible. Create custom fields, user roles, enable or disable every single field, shuffle the menu around. Work how you wish.


Allow employees to internally message each other about tasks, projects or anything. Also open up the ability to directly communicate with clients in their Portal. Dedicated app is coming soon!


Create products for sale, via employees into projects or contracts or allow clients to buy this direct from the client portal. Record value and stock, along with adding in custom fields and much much more.


Create a fully fledged IT ticket system, assign priorities, teams, escalations, notes and apply template fixes to tickets. Track trends and allow users to log tickets directly.


We offer out of the box reporting; Tasks, Time, Finance, Income vs Expenses, Annual Leave, Attendance. You can also do levels of reporting in each module. For more reports get in touch with us.

Notice Board

Run and internal notice board for your employees. Allow them to pin items, or less work related noted to the board and create a sense of community all from within the FirstPro Work dashboard.

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Anywhere Anytime.

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