What are we doing and how can we help your business during this time of pandemic. Solutions, support and above all ability to carry on working to maintain your business from anywhere, anytime.

How can we help you during this time?

Work Anywhere

Remote Work is Key

FirstPro Work is a web based application so you can access the platform from any internet connection and browser. Stay safe at home and manage your clients and projects from the comfort of your home office or even the couch with a nice cup of tea and biscuit. 

Work Anytime

Time is No Object

Being web based that means you can access us anytime of the day or night to do your work. So fit us in around the kids being home and their school work etc. We wont let you down, so if your working pattern has changes FirstPro Work allows your to work as you need.

Keep Your Business Afloat

Carrying on Working for Your Clients

Closing down fully is not an option for most small businesses, we carry on supporting you while you service your clients during this time of crisis. What counts is that your employees can still access what they need when they need so you can bill your clients. Use e-signature to get that document signed and agreed with ease.

Struggling Financially

Don't Worry

If you are going to struggle to pay your monthly or annual fee, just get in touch. We know that during this time its hard and business maybe slow. But reach out and we can 100% help. FirstPro Work is one less things to stress about.

What about FirstPro Work?

We are a remote team first and foremost. Our systems are distributed and cloud based so no offices for us! While we are affected like all businesses during this time we want you to focus on your own business. If we can help in anyway shape and form please do reach out to us.

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